Jeremy Brown | Editor-in-Chief

Huge Star Wars nerd and avid gamer. I write interactive stories and am working on virtual conversational agents that can replace your real friends. I want to see your interactive works and multimedia.

Michael Bong | Managing Editor

Coffee enthusiast, cat (and animal) lover, and does catnip to keep himself sane from editing. Pieces about social issues such as sexism, systemic racism, and the plight of adjuncts are what brings this editor joy.

Adriana Stosic | Managing Editor

Devout member of the Beyhive. An absolute fangirl of all things Benjamin Franklin. Send me your writing that will spazz me and other readers out.

Kenny Yu | Business Editor

Accounting, business, credit, debit, economics, finance… money makes the world go round, so money is what I’m interested in.

Erika Smithson | Research Editor

Reformed red state dweller. I watch political debates like most people watch football games. Talk nerdy to me.

Juliana “Jules” Emmanuelli | Editorial Board

Laid back creative writer with a knack for prose. Began writing after becoming obsessed with the lyricism of NAS, Biggie, and Neil Young. Always a fan and supporter of experimental feminist writing, and a deep love of literature that pushes boundaries. World traveler by night. Searching for anything that is wompy, crazy, and weird.

Reuven Glezer | Editorial Board

Passionate comic book nerd, cinephile, literature nut, and fan of powerful long-form journalism. Currently studies creative form and writing.

Denny Jacob | Editorial Board

Part-time swimmer, full-time reader. I love reading high-fiction and what’s going on in the world. I want your most dazzle-worthy, eye-popping pieces that must be shared.

Stephanie “Jonesy” Jones | Editorial Board

I am a 20-year-old professional slasher. Meaning my cover letters are always obnoxious and usually sound a little something like: “will braid your hair, and code your website while getting your Instagram follower count to 5000 after writing a thought provoking piece on how Kanye West’s MBDTF predicted the uprising of Donald Trump.” Send me all things pop culture and politics.

Lida Ramos | Editorial Board

Certified meme sharer and will pet your dog without asking. A well-written profile makes my heart sing! Send me the murders and the mysteries. Critique and satire on society/cultural phenomena are most welcome.

Ashley Somwaru | Editorial Board

When I’m not drowning in my love for poetry or going down the rabbit hole of funny Youtube videos, I immerse myself in controversial stories. Spark my interest with your views on literature, ranging from literary movements to contemporary works.

Benjamin Wallin | Editorial Board

A maker of obscure references, an embarrassment-inducing punster, a storyteller, and an advocate for certain grammatical devices. I watch too many films for my own good, but I dream of putting it all to a good use. Send me your arts, send me your literature and culture, send me your forgotten authors and your pieces on cinema.

Dvora Zomberg | Editorial Board

My chinchilla is my spirit animal. I love working with controversial, inflammatory pieces about religion, ethics, and the sciences. Be antagonistic, but do it right.

Goldie Gross | Illustrator

You know you’ve made it in life when building a box is your greatest achievement. Sculptor, painter, and drawer (not the cabinet variety). Articles about your passions are my cup of jam.

Kai-Cong Fam | Creative Director

Chris Campanioni | Faculty Adviser

Alumni 2015-2016

Brian Boggio | Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Park | Editor-in-Chief

Michael Roach | Editor-in-Chief

Constance Huang | Managing Editor

Karmen Wolf | Copy Editor

Ariana Hwang | Editorial Board